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Shopped? An image analysis app.

Shopped? IconEver looked at a photo and wondered if it’s a fake? Maybe it’s a shot of a famous movie star in a scandalous pose. Or a picture in the newspaper that seems strangely suspicious. Whether you’re a celebrity watcher or conspiracy theorist, Shopped uses advanced heatmap filtration technology to let you check virtually any photo for evidence of digital manipulation. You can then save the filtered image and export your “proof” to share with friends, family—or the world!

Featuring simple functionality, Shopped? allows you to:

  • Check for image manipulation in news items, celebrity photos, political ads, and even your own graphic design work
  • Import images from your photo library, the web, email or other apps
  • Export images to your photo library, blogs, email, Twitter, Facebook, or other apps
  • Print images
  • Adjust color settings to make errors more visible

Download Shopped? and start satisfying your curiosity today!

Available on the App Store

Note, this application will not highlight all types of image edits; it targets some specific but common types of edits.

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